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How to effectively block numbers on iPhone
In this day and age where privacy is almost worth more than gold, it is strange that companies such as Apple have not thought to create an option to block numbers on iPhone. The reason this is a bazar occurrence is because these days you can do almost anything with an iPhone from checking out maps to video communication.
What do the Apple forums say?
After scouring the Internet for a while and reading hoards of comments surrounding the topic the most logical solution the Apple community could provide was, “Set a specific ringtone on the undesired contact and set it to silent”. Yes this does work to some extent, but it also seems to be a bit of an analogue solution to such a digital device. You could even expand on the analogue solution by renaming your contact as “Don’t answer” or “Annoying contact” but every time your phone vibrates you would still reach in your pocket and check. Yes you might not answer the phone, but you still had to go through the trouble of getting it out and verifying whether it is someone you would like to talk to or not. But is there a better solution? A better solution?

This might not technically be a “better” solution due to what you have to do to your iPhone, but it is definitely a stellar solution. Unfortunately this option only works for “jail-broken” iPhones and does require a bit more in depth knowledge when installing. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about then don’t worry, I’m talking about iBlacklist. iBlacklist is an independent app that can’t be purchased in the official Apple app store, but in my opinion should be. In essence what this app does is to create a blacklist of people you don’t want to hear from at all. Let’s say you’re constantly getting bugged because a telemarketer is calling you every single day and night. Well with iBlacklist you can simply add that number to your customized list and enable the app, every time that number wishes to reach you, you have the option to simply ignore or to answer and hang up depending on your personalized settings. Read more…

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How Can You Block an Unwanted Call on Your iPhone 5s?

Most people love talking on their new iPhone 5s with their friends and family members, but there are certain situations when incoming phone calls from a certain person or company become a burden. Whether you’re receiving endless phone calls from an advertising company, your ex, or any other unwanted individual, you’ll probably want to know how to block number on iPhone 5s. There are a few ways to achieve that on this particular phone, and these tips might even work on previous phone models that have the iOS 7 installed. Here are a few ways to stop the never-ending incoming calls:

1. Press the “Settings” button and select “Phone”. Then press “Blocked” and touch the “Add new” button. A list of your contacts will be loaded next, so all you have to do is select the contact that you want to block. After you select it, the contact will be successfully added to your blocked list. This method also works is you press “Messages” or “FaceTime” instead of “Phone”.

2. If you’ve recently received a call from the contact number that you want to block, here’s what you can do: press “Phone” and then press on “Recents”. You will see a blue circle with an “(i)” symbol on the side of the phone number that you want to block. Touch that blue circle and then scroll to the bottom of the page and press “Block this caller”. Press “Block contact” and you’re done.

3. You can also block a phone number that has recently sent you a text. In order to do that, go to the “Messages” menu and select the particular message that came from the person you want to add to your block list. Press the “Contact” button, available in the upper-right corner of the screen and touch the “(i)” icon. From here, the process is similar to when you were blocking a phone number that had recently called you. Select “Block this caller”, then “Block Contact”.

4. If the person you want to block has just sent you a FaceTime request, you can go to “FaceTime”, click “Recents”, then again touch the blue “(i)” icon. Once you’ve scrolled down the page and selected “Block this caller”, touch “Block Contact” and you’ve successfully managed to block the unwanted caller from contacting you.

What if you accidentally block a number?

It could happen that you’ve blocked the wrong number, either out of a pure mistake or because you’ve selected the wrong number while you were trying to block someone else. There’s no need to worry because you can easily unblock that number. Here’s what you need to do: go to the “Settings” menu and press “Phone”. Then, go to “Blocked” and select “Edit”. Next to the blocked number that you want to remove from the blocked list you will see a red circle. Press that and then press the red button that will appear. Now the number has been removed from your blocked list.

Now that you’ve discovered how to block number on iPhone 5s, you won’t be bothered anymore by anyone who insists on calling or texting you regularly. You can always check to see the contacts that have been added to your blocked list by going to “Settings”, “Phone”, then “Blocked”.

block numbers on iphone

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How to block number on iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is one of Apple Inc.’s many smartphone and multimedia gadgets that combines many functions into a single device. It can be used as a mobile phone, text messaging machine, media player, internet browser, and video camera. While there is currently no setting on how to block number on iPhone 5s, there are several methods that can be successfully applied in blacklisting, blocking, or at least screening unwanted phone calls and text messages. You will learn how to use the available applications in this phone to block the numbers that you want.

Using a number blocking application

There are many applications that profess to be able to block numbers on the iPhone 5s, although it is common knowledge that Apple did not authorize this functionality for application developers on this platform. Your service provider has the ability to permanently blacklist or block calls to your phone and you should get in touch with them to find out more about this option.

It should be noted that although true number blocking can only be achieved by service providers, there are many apps out there that are able to intercept phone calls and texts after they arrive on your phone, but before your phone alerts you on that delivery. These apps prevent the phones operating system from taking the normal action that would ask you to accept or deny the call or message that has been sent to your phone. The calls or texts are instead stored in the app itself after it overrides the phones operating system.

There are many such apps that can be downloaded from Google Play for example, which can accomplish this without necessarily gaining root access on the phone. The apps work by not allowing the phone to ring when you get a call or text from a blocked number. The downloaded app would instead be the one to notify you that the blocked number had tried to call or text you. It is only by directly opening the app that you can access and view the content of the texts or messages sent to your phone from the blocked numbers, because nothing will be displayed via your iPhone’s regular calling and messaging apps.

Using iOS7

You can easily upgrade the operating system of your iPhone 5s to iOS7 through downloading directly from Apples website. The iOS7 can allow you to block any number from your phones settings by following the procedure below:

· Open the call log, and choose “recents” from the menu.
· Select the number(s) that you wish to block from the list that appears.
· Poke the letter i that appears next to the number you choose and select “Block This Contact” from the subsequent menu.
· This action will permanently block that number from texting or calling you and you will never even know if they attempted to reach you.

Automatic call screening

This is another option that you can try although it isn’t actually considered to be real blocking. Steps in this process include:
· Open the “Contacts” menu on your iPhone5s
· Select the number(s) you wish to screen.
· Click on the “Edit” button that is adjacent to the contact you selected above.
· Select the “None” setting when prompted to pick your ringtone and vibration level.

block numbers on iphone

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Apps to block calls in iPhone

Looking for an app to block calls iphone? Here is in an article that can just provide all the information that you are looking for about blocking the calls in your iphone. There are number of marketing companies that keep on calling to certain numbers and annoy them until they accept their offer. This routine is followed widely over various countries across the world. There are number of ways to block the calls reaching to your phone. And if you are an iphone user, the task is much simpler. You can also avoid the calls from the certain people whom you do not want to contact and all you have to do is to add their number to an app. Read more…

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Valuable Features of Hearing Impaired Phones

Recent breakthroughs in technology have made hearing impaired phones useful for those who are unable to hear. In fact, it is difficult for normal people to hear and speak through cell phones when they are lost in noisy situations. Such a kind of problem could be commonly experienced in those places where there is a rock concert is going on. It could be a busy market place as well. Irrespective of the places, you are bound to experience difficulties in hearing to what people are trying to say at the other end. By relying on an advanced phone that provides exciting features for hearing impaired people, you can overcome hearing problems as well. Read more…

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One More Method Block Numbers On Iphone

Block numbers on Iphone reasons are numerous but the solutions are a bit numbered and few. You must aware that each solution is specific to your phone model and your carrier. Here are seven simple solutions to block your annoying calls on your phone, they are namely

Solution 1: call 1-888-382-1222
If you want to kick out telemarketer calls, you can call this number 1-888-382-1222 or you can register at national do not call center. Unfortunately those two are available for US citizens only. Each country usually have their own specific ‘do not call center’ that you can call. So you have to search it for your own.

Solution 2: call your carrier Read more…

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How To Activate Iphone Block Caller

Most people tend to presume that iPhone block caller is a built-in feature of the iPhone. However, the iPhone does not have a native feature to block incoming calls but such a feature is controlled at the provider level. Blocking calls help to avoid unwanted calls from disrupting your day. Though reasons for blocking calls are numerous and surmountable, the solutions are quite few and unlimited depending on your cell phone model and carrier.
Read more…

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Vonage Block Number

So we all know about plain old telephone service (pots is what telecom enthusiast call it). It’s just regular telephone lines to your house coming to you on telephone wires. These days basic service usually hovers around 35 a month and with all the features most people are used to like call waiting, the ability to switch between people you’re talking, maybe some kind of voicemail and some combination of call last caller back or caller id. Usually with all those add-ons most people have a bill around 60 dollars. Then there’s the state, local and federal taхes and charges. And of course the long distance issue. So all in all you can usually get any feature you want but you will pay for it. Read more…

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The Two Advantages of Using The Comcast Block Number Feature

The Comcast block number feature is ideal for anyone who is concerned about maintaining their privacy over the telephone. Present statistics show that crime continually increases as time progresses. This is the main reason why many consumers are interested in purchasing services and devices that can help them preserve their safety.

Comcast understands the importance of meeting the various needs of their customers. They also understand the importance of developing services that can help their customers feel comfortable using their telephone service. The block number feature offered by Comcast is a great service that is currently being endorsed by many privacy and crime prevention experts. Read more…

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Tmobile Block Number Feature

Tmobile block number feature is the most exciting feature offered to the customers. When the customers use the communication services of T-mobile to receive the call of someone, they receive the contact number of calling person on the screen of their phone. This service provides the customers more convenience to identify the contact number of calling person. Sometimes the people receive calls from anonymous numbers that are not identified by them. If they like to answer, they can, but if they do not want to answer, they cannot do anything except of keeping their cell phones on silent. T-mobile provides you the block number feature to avoid such inconvenient situations. You can block all of the unwanted calling numbers you do not want to answer. Sometimes you receive dumb calls from any anonymous number that can disturb you a lot. Read more…

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How To Block A Phone Number On iPhone 4

These are several options about how to block a phone number on iPhone 4. You can choose one of them or to have them combined in order to have a better result.

First option
If you are a US citizen, you can use Google Voice to block unwanted calls from your iPhone. It will cost you twenty dollars to make it work. This is one of the effective ways to block calls from unknown numbers. All you have to do is submit your phone number on Google Voice and it will confiscate your role to filter the unwanted calls and text messaging. Read more…

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