Apps to block calls in iPhone

Looking for an app to block calls iphone? Here is in an article that can just provide all the information that you are looking for about blocking the calls in your iphone. There are number of marketing companies that keep on calling to certain numbers and annoy them until they accept their offer. This routine is followed widely over various countries across the world. There are number of ways to block the calls reaching to your phone. And if you are an iphone user, the task is much simpler. You can also avoid the calls from the certain people whom you do not want to contact and all you have to do is to add their number to an app.

For people with such problems, the app store can just come to their rescue and help them tackle the situation. The app iblacklist is the one that can be a possible solution to the problem and can enable you to block the calls that you do not want to attend. The app blocks not only the call from the number but also blocks the SMS from them and blocks them from sending voice calls. The app comes at a decent price and you can make a onetime payment and avail the app for lifelong. There is another case where you need not actually want to block the calls but only want to mute them. The app, iPhone silent can just help you out in this situation and enables you to mute the calls. All you have to download them to your phone and synchronize with the iTunes and add the numbers that you want to block or silent. The app sets their ringtone to silent automatically from the next time they make a call. So hope your search for an app to block calls iphone ends here with the above two popular apps and avoid unnecessary calls.

Block Numbers On iPhone

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