How Can You Block an Unwanted Call on Your iPhone 5s?

Most people love talking on their new iPhone 5s with their friends and family members, but there are certain situations when incoming phone calls from a certain person or company become a burden. Whether you’re receiving endless phone calls from an advertising company, your ex, or any other unwanted individual, you’ll probably want to know how to block number on iPhone 5s. There are a few ways to achieve that on this particular phone, and these tips might even work on previous phone models that have the iOS 7 installed. Here are a few ways to stop the never-ending incoming calls:

1. Press the “Settings” button and select “Phone”. Then press “Blocked” and touch the “Add new” button. A list of your contacts will be loaded next, so all you have to do is select the contact that you want to block. After you select it, the contact will be successfully added to your blocked list. This method also works is you press “Messages” or “FaceTime” instead of “Phone”.

2. If you’ve recently received a call from the contact number that you want to block, here’s what you can do: press “Phone” and then press on “Recents”. You will see a blue circle with an “(i)” symbol on the side of the phone number that you want to block. Touch that blue circle and then scroll to the bottom of the page and press “Block this caller”. Press “Block contact” and you’re done.

3. You can also block a phone number that has recently sent you a text. In order to do that, go to the “Messages” menu and select the particular message that came from the person you want to add to your block list. Press the “Contact” button, available in the upper-right corner of the screen and touch the “(i)” icon. From here, the process is similar to when you were blocking a phone number that had recently called you. Select “Block this caller”, then “Block Contact”.

4. If the person you want to block has just sent you a FaceTime request, you can go to “FaceTime”, click “Recents”, then again touch the blue “(i)” icon. Once you’ve scrolled down the page and selected “Block this caller”, touch “Block Contact” and you’ve successfully managed to block the unwanted caller from contacting you.

What if you accidentally block a number?

It could happen that you’ve blocked the wrong number, either out of a pure mistake or because you’ve selected the wrong number while you were trying to block someone else. There’s no need to worry because you can easily unblock that number. Here’s what you need to do: go to the “Settings” menu and press “Phone”. Then, go to “Blocked” and select “Edit”. Next to the blocked number that you want to remove from the blocked list you will see a red circle. Press that and then press the red button that will appear. Now the number has been removed from your blocked list.

Now that you’ve discovered how to block number on iPhone 5s, you won’t be bothered anymore by anyone who insists on calling or texting you regularly. You can always check to see the contacts that have been added to your blocked list by going to “Settings”, “Phone”, then “Blocked”.

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