How to block number on iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is one of Apple Inc.’s many smartphone and multimedia gadgets that combines many functions into a single device. It can be used as a mobile phone, text messaging machine, media player, internet browser, and video camera. While there is currently no setting on how to block number on iPhone 5s, there are several methods that can be successfully applied in blacklisting, blocking, or at least screening unwanted phone calls and text messages. You will learn how to use the available applications in this phone to block the numbers that you want.

Using a number blocking application

There are many applications that profess to be able to block numbers on the iPhone 5s, although it is common knowledge that Apple did not authorize this functionality for application developers on this platform. Your service provider has the ability to permanently blacklist or block calls to your phone and you should get in touch with them to find out more about this option.

It should be noted that although true number blocking can only be achieved by service providers, there are many apps out there that are able to intercept phone calls and texts after they arrive on your phone, but before your phone alerts you on that delivery. These apps prevent the phones operating system from taking the normal action that would ask you to accept or deny the call or message that has been sent to your phone. The calls or texts are instead stored in the app itself after it overrides the phones operating system.

There are many such apps that can be downloaded from Google Play for example, which can accomplish this without necessarily gaining root access on the phone. The apps work by not allowing the phone to ring when you get a call or text from a blocked number. The downloaded app would instead be the one to notify you that the blocked number had tried to call or text you. It is only by directly opening the app that you can access and view the content of the texts or messages sent to your phone from the blocked numbers, because nothing will be displayed via your iPhone’s regular calling and messaging apps.

Using iOS7

You can easily upgrade the operating system of your iPhone 5s to iOS7 through downloading directly from Apples website. The iOS7 can allow you to block any number from your phones settings by following the procedure below:

· Open the call log, and choose “recents” from the menu.
· Select the number(s) that you wish to block from the list that appears.
· Poke the letter i that appears next to the number you choose and select “Block This Contact” from the subsequent menu.
· This action will permanently block that number from texting or calling you and you will never even know if they attempted to reach you.

Automatic call screening

This is another option that you can try although it isn’t actually considered to be real blocking. Steps in this process include:
· Open the “Contacts” menu on your iPhone5s
· Select the number(s) you wish to screen.
· Click on the “Edit” button that is adjacent to the contact you selected above.
· Select the “None” setting when prompted to pick your ringtone and vibration level.

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